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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Haunted Winnipeg

Some many think that Winnipeg is home only to marshes and mosquitoes. Not so. There are a number of places that are reportedly haunted in this "Gateway to the West".

Fort Garry Hotel - While in preparation for the grand opening, an employee was accidentally killed while repairing the elevator. A bride and groom were murdered here while honeymooning by a jealous family member. Many have seen and heard the sobbing bride roaming the halls looking for her husband. Hotel workers have seen strange things on the second floor of this hotel along with unusual sounds. It is believed that room 202 is haunted by a cloaked figure that stands at the foot of the bed.

Portage Place Mall - A number of the stores are plagued by objects being moved and thrown. While in the back of the San Francisco Store employees often hear the cries of a little girl.

The Walker Theatre - Doors open and close. Mysterious applauding sounds can be heard from unoccupied seats after performances. Investigators here once captured an EVP of hammering sounds, footsteps and whispers when no one else was there. It is believed that two ghosts who were former actors here are responsible for these disturbances.

If you are in the area and what to these and more haunted places, check out the Haunted Winnipeg Tour.

~See Bob, it is not so boring where you live. :P


Bob Johnson said...

Ah gee Aura your the greatest, thanks for the hard work in finding stuff around my area

aura said...

wink, wink :P